Janice DeMello

AKC Breeder of Merit


Fuchsia comes from a working ranch outside of Dallas, TX.  Her color is called Lilac and white  with tan markings.  Lilac is a dilute of red (chocolate).  

Fuchsia is a fun loving girl always ready to work or party!  Running for the sheer joy of running is her daily passion!   She loves to tug, play and work the sheep.  She stands 21 inches tall

Video of Fuchsia learning to jump.  video of Fuchsia being Fuchsia!

Hob Nob Fuchsia

Fuchsia is very athletic and there is just something about her that reminds me of the famous racing thoroughbred Secretariat!

Fuchsia was such a fun puppy who grew up to be a gorgeous party girl!

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